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Social Impact Media:  100% “No Questions Asked” Customer Refund:


This page details the Customer Refund Policy applicable across all product websites owned and operated by Social Impact Media and linked here from our websites and billing company, because your purchase payment is sent to Social Impact Media, operating globally for more than 15 years.  All our products are available for download and viewing on most popular devices connected to the Internet. eBooks may also be viewed off-line but require a broadband Internet connection to download after purchase.


In most cases your product purchase will be available for download within minutes of buying it (except when you pay by e-bank methods in which case access will be determined by the time it takes your bank to process the payment). However should you not be able to access or use our website as intended with your computer device and Internet connection, simply contact us within seven days of your payment having been cleared by our associated billing company and we will fully refund your payment.


Alternatively: you are welcome to Contact Us and ask for technical support at no additional cost, to assist you to access and use our website and publications. If we are unable to help you in a reasonable time, we will cancel your order and fully refund your payment.


Please allow 48 hours for us to action your request. If you do not receive a reply from us within 48 hours please assume we have not received your original request, verify you have given a valid reply to address and resubmit your request.


NB: Please do NOT attempt to “charge back’ your subscription payment directly with your card company or bank or by opening a dispute with our billing company. This action may incur additional fees which we will recover from you and may delay us from solving your problem quickly.


Please also refer to all our Conditions of Use before purchasing our products.